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Corporate Ski Packages

Getting out of the office and into the mountains with members of your team has for a long time been a favourite past time with our corporate partners. The reason for this is quite simple, when it comes to the mountains, you can't find a more contrasting atmosphere to the realities of the office based routine. 

Whether it's a big thank you to the team upon which your business depends, or an open invite to an associate partner or organisation, nothing beats a trip to the mountains. Good times and great memories, the results of which have been proven year after year.

Do we have what you are looking for?

"Good value, delivered in style!"

It is fair to say that there are plenty of operators that pride themselves on having the answer for everything when it comes to a corporate ski request. So why are we different? First off we believe that no matter who you are, you are still looking for good value. Our approach centres around 'good value delivered in style' where you, the client, can enjoy every element of your trip, safe in the knowledge that all the right elements are in place, planned and delivered in a way where you and your team can maximise the time in the mountains the way you want to. 

Tailored Packages

All of our weeks are tailored to suit the needs of every guest. If it has been left on your desk to organise the ski trip, or you do so regularly, we will work with you to put together a package that you can present to the rest of your group. Our head office team are on hand to meet with you in person to talk through everything that is possible and plan the trip to the most finite detail. What's more it will almost certainly be the same Element team member that is there to meet you and your group upon arrival in resort, and ensure that the plan is delivered to perfection.

Speak to one of our bookings team today and let them help you put together the right trip for you are your party.

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