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Something different

The last few years has underlined what an important part of life skiing is. To say skiing is a 'priority spend' would be over emphasing our point, which is to say that we know how much our customers try and get out the mountains at least once during the winter season. 

Here at Element Ski Travel all we do is think about skiing and how we can make our holidays even better. We are here to help you keep it fresh and add an element of something different to each trip you make to the mountains with us. In resort our hosting and management team have the experience to help you take your holiday by the horns and add that all important element of something different, be it enjoying a husky ride up to an evening restaurant, an adventure on a snowmobile, taking in the views from a microlite, or making a helicopter flip to be dropped off in a powder wilderness, our resort team are there to make it happen! 

fresh powder and undiscovered adventure

Are you looking for the ultimate skiing escape full of fresh powder and undiscovered adventure? Thanks to our network in both France and Canada as well in some more obscure places like Asia, India, South America and the Artic Circle, our Element Ski Travel team are ready and waiting with a whole heap of unique mountain experiences that will knock your 'fitted ski socks off."

Drop us a line or send us an email with your ultimate mountain escape, and sit back as we make it happen!

Somewhere Else

If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, we are more than happy to recommend alternative options. Our entire being revolves around mountain time and the experience we have as a group. We are in a genuine position to talk about our ski holidays in Meribel with direct experience, we therefore know when the best advice is to recommend somewhere else.

We don't make our recommondations lightly, and we will only recommend an alternative option when we are sure that all your expectations will be met and if at all possible exceeded.

Our recommondation won't cost you any extra either, if anything we might even be able to help you make a saving.

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